We Ethically Source OUR PRODUCTS

Sustainability is fast becoming the word of the new decade. As with “bespoke”, if we are not careful, it may well be over-used and its meaning diluted. Of course it is more important than ever that all businesses prove to be sustainable in the fields in which they operate. However, there are many definitions of sustainability some often used to suit a particular company’s business objectives. At BOSCO we believe sustainability means the responsible use of a natural by-product which has no detrimental effect on the continuous existence of the species from which it originates or on the environment. It is perhaps stating the obvious that in our world if the species and the environment are not protected, there would be little future for our business.

At the moment most industries recognise that they have too much of a negative effect on the environment and we are all looking at ways of reducing our foot print. In our case this includes how we ship, how we pack, and from where we source our materials. BOSCO’s goal is not only to offset all our carbon emissions but for every product we sell to be neutral when it is delivered to our clients. Our mantra is: recycle, reuse, don’t waste.

We source our materials for various suppliers around the world. We emphasise that they are either the by-product of the meat and diary industry, or from the management of game. As with the leather on your shoes, the wool on your back or the milk on your cereal, we use sustainably sourced horn to create beautiful objects. When we talk about the management of game, we are referring to what is known as “carrying capacity”. South Africa, where some of our material originates, is in many areas privately owned and ring-fenced, as is the case with a normal farm. Every piece of land can sustainably hold a certain amount of game before it becomes over-grazed and damaging to the soil. The management of game is the process of harvesting the excess numbers which are, in turn, supplied to the food industry and local communities. This is what gives rise to the horns becoming a “waste” product and allows BOSCO to recycle them into beautiful pieces which honour nature in the long-term.

Let us know if you have any questions, we’d be delighted to answer them and to tell you more about BOSCO’s range of products using these beautiful objects.

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