The beginning of our world

BOSCO London was founded by Hugo Boys in 2015 and started its life as a small lighting company operating out of a tiny shed. BOSCO was born out of a love of making beautiful pieces, problem-solving and a passion for natural material. In 2018 Marc Williamson joined the team to head up the workshop. With more than 30 years experience and over 45,000 hours of making he brings a huge amount of skill and knowledge to the company.

Sustainability and the use of natural materials is central to the design of BOSCO's unique pieces. Six years on, we are using these materials in all sorts of pioneering and exciting ways while continuing to use age-old traditional techniques.

We have pledged a percentage of our profits to go back to the land, communities and animals that our raw materials originate from, and we are currently working towards developing a sustainable community project in these areas.


Water Buffalo - Bubalis Bubalis

Water Buffalo (Bubalis Bubalis) horn is a wonderful material that has been used for centuries in pieces such as furniture and weaponry. One of the earliest uses of this horn was for a very effective Korean bow called a Gakkung, first seen in 1st century BC.

There are currently said to be around 130-170 million Water Buffalo worldwide, with the majority of these based in Asia. There was a time when the Water Buffalo was known as the “Tractor of Asia” due to their resilience working in water, and more people were dependent on them than any other domesticated animal for their livelihood.

This horn is available to us because it is a by-product of the existing meat and dairy industry. A lot of skilled work is required to turn the horn into high-end pieces but it is in this refined process that you get to fully appreciate the natural beauty of their individual appearances.

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, breaking rules, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun."

– Mary Lou Cook

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